14 Small Lifestyle Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight

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5. Don’t do other things while you’re eating. It can be tough to focus on eating when there’s work to do and Instagram to check, but chowing down when you’re distracted can lead to accidentally taking in more than you need. Distracted eating doesn’t just lead to more consumption in the moment, it can even compel you to eat more than necessary later on in the day, according to a systematic review of 24 studies in the February 2013 edition of The American

4 Myths About Detoxing That Are Totally False

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Myth #3: you can slash certain macronutrients without a consequence.  Carbs, protein, and fat are the trifecta of perfection for keeping your body healthy. “They play essential roles including aiding the absorption of vitamins and minerals, providing energy, and helping brain function,” says Metz. Carbs offer both physical and mental fuel, protein helps keep you full and is the building block of muscle, and fat is satiating, prettifying (it often has skin-improving antioxidants), and usually freaking delicious. “When you eliminate these important nutrients, you may see slowed

15 Things A Registered Dietitian Always Keeps In Her Pantry

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12. Toasted Sesame Seed Oil Courtesy of Jessica Jones I love this toasted sesame seed oil. Think of it as more a seasoning than a tool for cooking…I drizzle it on veggies, salads, noodle dishes, and stir-fry’s to provide the perfect nutty flavor. 13. Nut Butter Courtesy of Jessica Jones Almond, peanut, sunflower−I’ve got ‘em all. And I really use them (as you can tell by the half empty bottles above). Nut butters are another great source of good fats

A Registered Dietitian Shares 7 Carbs That Can Help You Lose Weight

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Proof that the whole “carbs always pack on the pounds” thing is a total myth. Rejoice: if you’re hoping to lose weight, certain carbohydrates can help you do it. Even though it may not seem like it, there is such a thing as healthy carbs. “The pendulum swings back and forth with diet fads, and people started to hear they’d lose a ton of weight by eating low-carb,” Lauren Harris-Pincus, M.S., R.D.N., and owner of Nutrition Starring You, tells SELF. That’s

10 Ways To Sneak More Veggies Into Your Life Without Even Noticing

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Hey, what’s up? Hello kale. A registered dietitian shares her best tips. Hi, I’m Jessica Jones. As a registered dietitian I recommend that my patients eat at least three cups of vegetables per day—everyday. Here’s the deal. It’s pretty much impossible to eat a healthy diet that doesn’t include any vegetables. Not only do vegetables taste dreamy, they have amazing health benefits that will help you feel fantastic from the inside out. Low in calories? Check. High in phytochemicals? Check.

11 Easy Ways To Eat Healthy When You’re Busy As Hell

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5. Plan ahead and prep in batches. Courtesy of Jessica Jones I can picture it now: you get home from work, and after an exhausting day, you’re way too tired to cook an elaborate dinner. This is me every day. The solution here is to batch prep. Batch prep means deciding on two to four dishes you will have for the week (this can work for lunch, too) and cooking them on a weekend day (or a day you have off