3 Drills for Better Hip Mobility

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There has been a lot of debate in recent years about what stretching actually does, and whether or not it is necessary. Current belief holds that oftentimes muscles feel “tight” because the brain is sending the message through the nervous system to stiffen muscles around a joint due to perceived weakness or lack of stability. Many times, my patients are surprised to find that as their strength and stability increase, their feeling of “tightness” decreases. What does stretching actually do?

35 lessons from Precision Nutrition’s most successful clients. How they took the first step, lost fat, and kept it off.

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What’s stopping you from getting in shape? Here, eight answers to that question — and 35 proven ways to finally get the body you want. +++ You wish you felt better, radiated good health, and weighed a little less. You wish you could still fit into your college jeans. You wish you felt more confident, capable, and energetic. Maybe you dream of the day where — silly at it seems — you post vacation pics to Facebook and are actually excited to

How to Make Golden Milk with Turmeric

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This delicious drink is one of my favourite ways to stay warm and healthy through the colder months, so I thought I’d share how to make golden milk so you can do the same! Golden milk is an excellent alternative to tea and coffee, especially in the colder months when you want something soothing, warming and comforting. It’s made from non-dairy milk blended with spices like turmeric, ginger and black pepper. I also add cinnamon and maple syrup for a subtly sweet, spicy, healthy

Five Unexpected Side Effects of My Love Affair With Iron

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It’s been ten years since I began my love affair with iron, and I find myself looking back on our affair, reminiscing about how much I’ve grown and the lessons I’ve learned. As with all love affairs, we’ve had our ups and downs. There have been times when I hated the iron, and times when it seemed to hate me. And there have been more times still when iron loved me in a way I never knew was possible—and I

What An Alkaline Diet Can—And Can’t—Do For Your Health

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There are so many diets out there it’s tough to keep count. Most of them have the end goal of weight loss—though most of them aren’t ultimately effective or sustainable in achieving that. One of the most talked about diets this year, the alkaline diet, doesn’t necessarily focus on dropping pounds; rather, its alleged purpose is to reduce disease risk. The premise is that by eating foods that promote an alkaline pH in the body, you can optimize your pH

The Best Travel Workouts You Can Do With No Equipment

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When it comes to reaching your fitness goals consistency is key. And while travel plans can interrupt your regular gym routine, don’t stress about taking a few days off—skipping your workout for a few days isn’t going to set back your progress. But there are so many benefits to breaking a sweat that are worth setting aside some time to train while traveling, including more energy and improved mood. That’s why we rounded up some of our top equipment-free, minimal-space

Opening November 2016: Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach. Nutrition coaching software for health and fitness professionals.

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Tested with more than 70,000 clients, ProCoach makes it easy to deliver world-class, proven nutrition coaching to your own clients. It’ll help you grow your business while working less and getting better results. To understand ProCoach you first need to understand why it was created, and the key problems it helps health and fitness professionals overcome. JB shares his early coaching struggles and how PN went from 20 to 45,000 clients with ProCoach. Want to know exactly how the ProCoach

Healthy Pumpkin Oat Cookies

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While very tasty and satisfying, these healthy pumpkin oat cookies are more functional snack than decadent treat. At just 88 calories, 1 gram of fat and 17 grams of carbs each, these macro-friendly cookies are the perfect pre or post-workout energizer and easy to fit into a healthy diet. Healthy Pumpkin Oat Cookies Yep, it’s true, you only need 3 ingredients needed to make these! Organic pure pumpkin puree, oats and sweetener. I use organic stevia to sweeten mine, alternatively you could

How Women Can Nail One-Arm Push-ups

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I can’t tell you how often I hear women say they can’t do push-ups. What’s more, I continue to see trainers instructing female clients to perform “girly” push-ups, with their knees on the floor. “Girly” push-ups. This term gets me heated, ladies. For many, this modification, actually limits or delays progress and strength gains—and to call this modification “girly” is just downright condescending. We women can and should be doing push-ups in our training programs, just as we can and