“With TruVision I found a product that actually worked for me. It’s one of a kind. Within days, and I have people within hours, start making money right away. You can’t do that with any other kind of business. It’s a no brainer.”
Ryan Higgins



Everyone dreams of being in the right place, at the right time with the right people. Well…you are HERE! The only question is what are you going to do about it?

We are all aware of how frustrating network marketing can be, I get it. I have had the same frustrations. There are 4 major problems that keep people from succeeding:

  • First – Their products don’t work
  • Second – Their products that are too expensive
  • Third – The pay plans require so many hoops and hurdles that only a few make any money
  • Fourth – Retention. Distributors give up, drop out and down lines start to dwindle

TruVision Health launched in May 2014. Here’s a quick rundown on who they are, why I’m here and how quickly you can go over $10,000 month with our team and this top shelf opportunity.

TruVision’s team of scientists have been formulating products for other companies for over 20 years (several of their formulations are the lead products in some of those companies). Now we formulate our own products. This gives us the ability to offer the highest quality and lowest prices in the industry. This is the key to retention (Click Here to learn more about the TruVision Health product line).

Our pay plan includes a superior fast start program, a unilevel 8 compressed levels deep, a 10% check match on all personally sponsored distributors and huge global bonus pools. It’s made to help you start fast and pay big.

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Retail Difference (Sample Commissions)

TruVision Health pays the difference between the Retail Price and the Associate Price to the direct upline Associate. This commission can be earned either by the “try now” replicated site or through the standard retail signup process.

TruVision Compensation

This bonus is designed to help Associates earn back back their initial investment. This bonus pays out in the sponsorship tree to the first 4 upline qualified Associates with at least 100 QV in the current and or previous month.

1st Generation


2nd Generation


3rd Generation


4th Generation



Global Bonus

This is a global bonus pool based on 3% of total worldwide commissionable volume. The table below indicates how shares of the pool are allocated. This bonus is reserved for those who achieve the top levels of the compensation plan.

Global Bonus

Check matching bonuses are a way to encourage leadership and teamwork in an organization. TruVision Health’s Matching Bonus is a 10% match on all personally enrolled Associates that generate a unilevel commission check. Many companies offer this bonus for their highest ranks. At TruVision Health, we pay this from day one.


All purchases that carry “Product Volume or PV will generate commissions for TruVision associates, given the volume is on a level upon which the associate is qualified to receive commissions. The table below breaks down the ranks and qualified levels for the TruVision Health Compensation Plan.



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