What Will Your Transformation Look Like?

TruVision Health is dedicated to helping you transform yourself into the “Best You Possible.” Through the help of supplements, improving your diet and getting active through our 10k Pledge, we’re providing you all the tools you need to achieve success. Take a look below on just a few of the hundreds of thousands of testimonies from REAL TruVision customers and associates.

TruVision - A Skinnier, Healthier New You!

Weight loss is hard, which isn’t fair considering how easy it is to put the weight on. That’s why adding supplements to your current routine can give you the boost you need! While many start off with our supplements, not changing anything, many after a month realize just how amazing they feel and become motivated to make small lifestyle changes. As they continue on their weight loss journey, finally seeing the inches fall off and the scale go down, those once small lifestyle changes become big lifestyle changes. I like to call these supplements my “will-pill-power.” Literally they give me the power to say “NO” to those fries with that burger, to skip needing a desert, to give up drinking soda. Whatever your vice may be, TruVision tends to help people make better choices.

With our amazing combo designed to work together to curb your appetite, decrease carb cravings, increase energy, accelerate weight loss and improve mental clarity. Have you tried every diet, diet pill, crazy exercise routine, with no luck? Do you not want to spend more money on something that doesn’t work? Luckily, TruVision has an amazing sample program to see if you like the product first. Simply keep scrolling to see our options for getting started on your weight loss journey today!



Engineered with healthy, natural plant extracts, truFIX™ is good for every system in the body. It supports blood sugar and cholesterol already within normal ranges and more! Therefore, maintaining your general health has never been easier!

The better a person’s blood chemistry, the higher the likelihood they will have maximum longevity and live that extended lifespan in optimal health.

So, what if there were a supplement that could help support blood chemistry? That is the founding principle behind the engineering of truFIX™. truFIX™ is a powerful combination of natural ingredients with key components that support blood support chemistry. Furthermore, it is important to note that almost all ingredients, when used in excess, can have a negative impact on one’s health. Our formulations use all ingredients in moderation and well below any toxic levels.


Clear Focus. Accelerated Energy. Revived Metabolism.

TruVision Health™ is committed to innovation and is always forging the way for quality health products. Therefore, never settling for status quo, the company has made it a global mission to help people support their health. Hence, truCONTROL™ is the latest in this revolutionary health mission as TruVision arms individuals with the most powerful tool available to optimize weight management, the healthy way.

Because TruVision strives to use only the highest quality natural ingredients, truCONTROL is designed to spark your metabolism and revive your natural energy. Hence, giving you the accelerated edge you need to conquer your health and weight management goals. Take back your life and enjoy every minute of it with TruVision Health’s newest product, truCONTROL. You’ll love the way it makes you feel but more importantly, you’ll love the results.

reNU detox supplement


Detoxify Your Body through 7 Channels of Elimination*

TruVision Health has combine natures finest raw ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind detox product that is both gentle and effective. Focused on supporting your bodies most important group of organs. Therefore, reNU™ has been fine tuned to ensure that your digestive track keeps the good flora, and eliminates toxins that wreak havoc on your body. Enjoy this powerhouse product that will surely enhance your experience. Whether you are trying to lose weight or just keep your body free of the unwanted toxins that we are bombarded with every day. So, be sure to add reNU™ to your daily regimen of TruVision Health products for even better weight management results.


TruVision Health’s rePLACE™ is an all-natural complete vegan protein/fiber shake that is packed with nutrients & probiotics. It was designed as a meal replacement shake but entails much more than meets the eye. Because rePLACE is everything you need and nothing you don’t. With over 20 grams of protein, 7 grams of fiber, and 0 trans fat it’s a great addition to your weight loss regimen. It is a non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan product. Most of all, it contains over 10 billion CFUs. rePLACE has the probiotic power necessary to balance and support a healthy gut. Therefore, add rePLACE to your daily regimen of TruVision Health products to support overall health management.

Available in Brownies Mix and Vanilla Bean.

rePLACE meal replacement


Because an active lifestyle requires an active drink that not only hydrates your body, but also maintain healthy heart living. With no sugar and just a few calories, you’ll always want to carry a HEART & HYDRATION stick pack with you to replenish and support your tru style of living!*

TruVision Health’s HEART & HYDRATION therefore is an excellent alternative to today’s sugared, and stimulant-laden beverages. Proper hydration, combined with electrolyte replenishment, is of paramount importance. Our HEART & HYDRATION product services two vitally important needs of the body:

  1. Our drink supplies ingredients vital to proper heart health.
  2. Proper Hydration And Replenishment Of Electrolytes On A Cellular Level. Because dehydration destroys proper cell function and affects virtually every major organ and system. Electrolytes are charged particles, found in body fluids, that help transmit electrical impulses for the proper functioning of organs. Therefore, HEART & HYDRATION re-hydrates and replenishes electrolytes in a healthy way without sugar, or caffeine.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


Drink Sample Pack


3 day truFIX drink supplement
3 day truCONTROL drink supplement

Capsule Sample Pack

TruVision Health 7 Day Sample

7.5  days of truFIX capsule supplement
7.5 days of truCONTROL capsule supplement

Trial Kit

Trial Kit

7.5 days of truFIX supplement
7.5 days of truCONTROL supplement
1 packet of brownie rePLACE shake
1 stick of Grape Heart & Hydration
Shaker bottle

Monthly Combo

30 days of truFIX supplement
30 days of truCONTROL supplement

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