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Hello & Welcome!

I quickly became interested in creating my own adventures when I realized my local area wasn’t going to support the lavish lifestyle I desired as an employee. Utilizing my one class in photography, I landed an apprenticeship with a local photographer. For two years I learned all about photography and dabbled in graphic design with her.

In 2007, I opened up my own photography business and spent the next four years teaching myself the art of portrait photography and learning what made good design great.

In 2014 I was introduced to Network Marketing/Affiliate Marketing and have been immersed in that industry as a consultant as well as working with top-leaders as their graphics team and social media manager. I accepted a position in 2021 as the social media manager which has evolved into a marketing and design role for a local Direct Sales Company in the beauty industry.

As someone who loves to learn and serve others, being able to have multiple business adventures has helped me achieve a lifestyle I could’ve only dreamed of growing up. I’m beyond blessed for all of my clients to be able to work from home, on my schedule, while raising my two boys.